Data, at rest, in motion, or in use. Navigate the Big Data landscape. Whether your challenge is storage, security, networking, ETL, or BI, we'll lend 20 years of real world experience to the task.



  • Big Data at the speed of OLTP

  •  Virtualization: Big Data Cloud

  • Security: finance/health

Our work in the industry is recognized for its innovative and cutting edge uses of available Big Data technology; pressing the boundaries of what we can do with data.

Real solutions from the trenches.


Data is everywhere, as a result, our clients can come from just about anywhere. Counted among them you will find leaders in cloud infrastructure, columnar database technolgies, business intelliigence, financial analysis,retail sales, managed security and others.


Since we began doing break fix work on anything wth a processor to now, when it come downs to it, we've always had the same goal; we've always strived to solve problems but more importantly we want our clients to understand solutions.

We get excited by Big data and where it will take us. Always mindful to let the data light our path to the insight and intelligence we seek. We embrace the challenge of helping businesses all around the world harness the power of Big Data.


With uses applicable to domestic and global security, finance, hunger, peace, war; just about every facet of the human experience, Big Data Analytics has captured our imaginations. This is however, as they say, just the tip of the iceberg.



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