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SMArt Factory

Imagine that.


What We Offer

The SMArt Factory is an educational device for creating letters, numbers, characters, symbols, or a combination, using shape memory alloy (SMA) wire.

SteamWorks is looking early adopters (earlyvangelist) to test drive The SMArt Factory

Teachers, parents, students, hobbyists, artists, and others.

Train Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)


Why choose SteamWorks?

Next Gen NASA Technology

The SMArt Factory incorporates patented NASA innovations. SteamWorks taps into the future of 3D additive manufacturing

Metallurgy and Material Sciences

The SMArt Factory is advancing science education by providing a powerful hands-on teaching tool to demonstrate cutting-edge material and science capabilities.

Safe and Easy to Use

The entire sytem is cool to the touch. Our the simple and intuitive digital interface controls time, temperature and pressure. 

Integrated Learning Management System (LMS)

Our EduTech is augmented by Common Core and NGSS aligned lessons, delivered via our community driven LMS. 

  • Grades 6-12 STEAM Education for Global Competency

The Possibilities Are Endless

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